Do You Think It’s Too Late?

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Yesterday Judy, a friend who is in her 50’s, declared:

I don’t want THIS, my job as a retail store manager, to be my life’s legacy. I’d love to go back to school and become a nurse, but it’s just too late!

No, it’s not too late to go back to school! It can feel too late, but in reality, the only thing stopping you is you. Instead of beating yourself up — free yourself to dream and think about what you’d really like to do.

Do research and make a plan.

How long will it take to finish nursing school? How difficult is it to get in? What scholarships and financial aid are available? How can you change your life to accommodate the added expense and decreased income during schooling?

What are you willing to give up to make it happen? Sleep? Eating out whenever you like? Good wine?

Let’s say Judy does go back to school. It takes her 5 years part-time to finish. At 57 years old she’s a new nurse. Her life and work experience to date will serve her well. She’s a marathon runner and in great physical shape.¬† She can handle the requirements of her new career. She loves it!

Is all that supposed to change when she turns 65? Is she then supposed to look fondly at the La-Z-Boy?


Pink Slip — Now What — Reinvention?

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While I didn’t get a pink slip, the industry I worked in cratered and continues¬† to implode. My diminishing income was the writing on the wall:

I could hold out until the industry returns to some state of normalcy or I could reinvent myself.

What is reinvention really?

Figuring it out is Part 1:

  • Take stock of who you are — not who you were/are for your employer — it’s like an inventory of yourself.
  • Figure out what you like to do — it may be something you did 20 years ago or perhaps somethings you always secretly wanted to do.
  • Determine your talents — be honest with yourself, exactly what are you good at?
  • Let yourself dream!

Making a plan is Part 2:

  • Create a realistic framework with which you can work. In other words, unless you have unlimited sources of funds, the beginnings of your plan should reflect your what you can allot from your piggy bank.
  • Designate small action steps you can take every day to get you where you want to go.
  • Construct a timeline — when you want to accomplish a task and when you want to realize your reinvention.
  • Check on your progress. If something or someone (possibly you!) is holding you back, handle it promptly.

The key is to keep your reinvention process simple and uncomplicated. That’s why I stress small action steps. Also, if you change your mind and decide to go down another path, it’s easier to make that change.

Once you make things complicated, it’s easy to go awry. Get frustrated. Anxious. Depressed.Defeated.

And there goes your reinvention out the window. If that happens, just realize you’re human. It’s ok to start again. And again. Until you get it right for you.

How is your plan working?

What You Think and How You Speak Matters

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Framing thoughts and words in the negative can lead to negative outcomes.

It’s the old adage come alive: you get what you wish for.

Take one day and pay attention to what you’re thinking and how you’re speaking. If you find yourself crossing the line into the world of negative thinking, blaming or self-criticism, put on the brakes.

Reframe your thoughts and words into more positive and action oriented themes. I bet you’ll notice your mood change.

It’s Not Happening To You

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It’s just happening. Period.

Change the frame of reference away from yourself and your mindset will improve. No one is out to get you — although it probably feels that way all the time sometimes.

Keeping the you in the circumstance will block you. It will prevent you from moving forward.

Yes, you got laid off. Yes, your business went out of business. Yes, you cannot pay all your bills. Yes, your kids are angry at you. Whatever is happening may be true, but they do not have to define you.

You know those people who say:

“I can’t believe what’s happening to me now!”

Those people always seem to have some type of crisis or drama. They can’t get past their circumstances because:

“someone or something is making it difficult for me.”

You can’t reinvent your life when you carry around this burden.

Reinvention is about renewal. It’s about looking at life differently.

Take all the crappy circumstances and issues facing you right now. Make a list of them on paper. Then, problem solve. What actions can you take to alleviate or eliminate the problems? Write down what you need to do, create deadlines and hold yourself accountable.

Take some type of action every day — even if it’s a teeny, tiny step. It will help you feel some kind of control over your life.

And, pat yourself on the back for doing something.

The Hunt

The Hunt

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Job hunting in midlife. Brutal, yes, but the woman in the photo sure looks determined.

How do you handle the rejection?

How do you stay positive?